Model Benefits

How would you like to expand your portfolio, develop a second income as an insta-model and join a group that will help promote you as you help promote them?

Working with Social Influencers from several genres, we will teach you how you can leverage your own social media accounts to develop your modeling career, give you exposure and develop a secondary income through working together and cross promoting.

At this time we are only taking a few models to begin with and models will go through a selection process to find those most likely to succeed at this plan. To find out more head to and click the join us tab to apply. Once we are up and moving we will be accepting more applicants in the spring and summer months.

What you can expect from Social Adventures:

As a Social Adventures Model, you will be:

  • You will be given direction to turn your social media accounts into powerful tools to start gaining income from.
  • You will collaborate and shoot with established Youtubers that will put you on their channels and promote you and your social media to help you grow, in return you will share their videos which highlight you developing a partnership like you have never encountered in the modeling field.
  • Be invited and promoted as a feature at events where you will have an opportunity to meet your fans and followers as well as find new ones.
  • Help develop a community of social media followers
  • Have access to a professional photographer to assist and collaborate with
  • Have access to a Model Manager to help guide and instruct you on your career.

The founder of this group comes from a successful, worldwide group that recently dissolved due to leadership conflicts.  This leadership team was hand picked from that group and are individuals determined to succeed through great diversity and struggle. Miss Felicia Ann was the featured model in that former group, from her personal ambition and the help of the last group, Miss Felicia Ann has signed a contract to be featured in 3 runway fashion shows in Miami, Detroit and LA. She is also expecting a role in an upcoming movie in 2019.

Fill out the form below for consideration.

Please include your Social Media links you would like on the channel

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