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Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

More food!! Don’t worry folks car content coming soon. Weather is starting to warm up. I love doing these vids though! What’s your favorite sandwich? Let me know below. #homemade #socialadventures #nosmallcreator My Gear Main Camera Action Camera Mic Tripod Editing Software – Adobe CC Premier […]

Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast. Especially when it involves epic breakfast sandwiches!! This was a video I did last year that I wanted to add to this channel. Let me know what your favorite breakfast food is! #breakfast #foodie #comfortfood My Gear Main Camera Action Camera […]

Hunt Valley Horsepower Cars & Iced Coffee

#huntvalleyhorsepower #porsche #amg

2019 Philadelphia Auto Show

2019 Philadelphia Auto Show! This was a spur of the moment trip. I had a great time and will def go back next year. My editing is a little rusty so bear with me folks. New computer coming soon! #philadelphiaautoshow #mustanggt500 #lamborghiniaventadorsvj My Gear Main Camera Action Camera […]

Dogfish Head Brewery

My second ever trip to a brewery last year. Had such a great time and I will def be going back along with more places. Work has been crazy busy lately so I haven’t been able to edit nearly as much as I want to. #mattmpg #cruisin4brews #dogfishhead My Future […]

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