Request us at YOUR Event

The Social Adventures is interested in partnering with shows to provide coverage and support for area car shows.

We will:

  • Add the attendees to your listing on the Social Adventures events page as scheduled to appear.
  • Show up the day of with a tent, displays and vehicle(s)
  • Record and talk to attendees organizers and participants at the event
  • Record the events of the day
  • Record the cars at the event
  • Edit and post videos and pictures about your event online and on the Social Adventures event page for everyone to view as well as to use to promote next years event.


  • We must have an area close to the action of the day BUT cannot be close to any DJ or music that will interfere with our recordings.
  • We must have an area large enough for all vehicles, tents and promotional items.

Fill out the form below to start the conversation to have us at your event.

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